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Support the pioneer production that brings Handel’s opera Orlando for the first time in Latin America and aims for direct social and economic impact within vulnerable communities

The Cultural Association Ricardina Stamato (ACRIS), together with A Trupe Barroca Orchestra, present in São Paulo, Brazil the premiere production of the opera Orlando.

Written for the King’s Theatre in London in 1733 by the great composer Georg Friedrich Händel, first director in the history of London Opera , is today recognized as a masterpiece.

Originally founded in 1998, A Trupe Barroca performed in several Brazilian States like São Paulo, Pernambuco, Espírito Santo.

Since 2017 is organizing free baroque music concerts for 400-1200 people, educational initiatives for the next generation of musicians and content based communication that prepares the public for the cultural performance.

Why should you support this project?

In addition to investing in a pioneer project of great cultural importance, you will also be contributing to the recovery of the wellbeing of Brazilian communities, the restructuring of the work life of artists and technicians and the flourishment of an entire economic ecosystem of small entrepreneurs who will be involved by this production and who had their lives directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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hiring musicians and technicians, companies and freelancers that provide their services and products.

SOCIAL IMPACT democratizing access to culture through accessibility actions for vulnerable communities and people with disability.

organizing open rehearsals for public school students, masterclasses for young artists, free 1 month cultural exhibition.

Our public

Social Responsibility Plan


  • open rehearsals;
  • lectures, masterclasses, workshops;
  • 1-month free exhibition with historical instruments, scenery, costumes and opera recordings.


  • quota of free tickets and at a popular price;
  • program in Braille;
  • live LIBRAS translator (Brazilian sign language);
  • audio description – before each act.


  • presence of disinfectant gel containers;
  • preference for use of recyclable materials
  • recyclability indications and disposal information on printed materials.

Extra funding will allow this production to organize the special edition for our heroes, a complimentary presentation for medical staff, the people most exposed to the risks of the COVID-19 pandemic and who with their work make possible the continuation of our lives with greater security.

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